A Job29 Man: Blog by Pastor Sabra Johnson

There are so many ideas about the perfect man. Society wants to bombard your mind with images and ideas of what the perfect man should be, but really what is the perfect man?  I turn to the biblical scriptures to examine the life of Job. After meditating on God’s word, I have decided there is nothing better than a Job 29 Man! Even in the face of great adversity, having lost all he had, covered in sores, he did not renounce God.  He pressed on, and even though he did not know his future, only his circumstance, God had great plans for him.

I don’t know what you are going through, I don’t know where you are today, but I can tell you that God has great plans for you.  Make the decision today to be a Job 29 Man.  You have every strategy needed to position yourself for a life of success and happiness.  I encourage you to embrace the characteristics of a Job 29 man: (1) trust in the Lord to see you through challenges, (2) rise above the negativity of others, (3) only dwell on positive thoughts, (4) when all else fails, prayer works!