Love Lessons


Pastor Sabra Johnson specializes in love lessons, relationship building and effective communication. Pastor Sabra Johnson offers a variety of learning styles to reach you where you where you are. Pastor Sabra Johnson is most known for his one on one approach in person, online or via phone conference.  During your session with Pastor Sabra Johnson you will work to develop relationship skills that will benefit you and your partner. Whether you are in a relationship or looking, these skills will help you to be the best you can be, healthy and strong.  Below are some of the lessons Pastor Sabra Johnson offers.

  • The “F” Word- Forgiveness
  • The Importance of not Losing Self
  • Mutual Definition of Love Agreement
  • Likes, Dislikes & Compromise Coaching
  • The Importance of Verbal Assurance
  • Emotional-Conflict Resolution
  • Pre-Marital Counseling

Contact Pastor Sabra Johnson today to begin your love journey at 281-970-9090!