5 Pillars of Love


Pastor Sabra Johnson is a inspirational life coach who also offers a variety of love coaching for singles, couples, and married couples. Whether you are looking for love, seeking pre-marital counseling, or wish to strengthen your marriage Pastor Sabra Johnson can help!  Pastor Sabra’s devotion to your life and success is uncanny. During your love coaching sessions, Pastor Sabra Johnson will focus on love in five parts. These five parts serve as the pillars of your relationship.

Love is understood by many as a strong emotion while others explore love as a distant philosophical concept. Relationships are rooted in love, yet many often misunderstand this term. Pastor Sabra Johnson helps to eliminate delusions about love and works to help you understand love as a conscious decision, formulated in your will and activated through every sense of your being and spirit. Pastor Sabra Johnson helps couples formulate sound “love” agreements involving 5 practical and real terms of application – the 5 Pillars of Love.

1.       Catching

Epithumia is a Greek word that defines love as one pursuing and another making the pursuit worthwhile. Love is “work”. Love is a journey with great mile markers along the way- its not a destination but a journey. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches love as a decision to continually pursue, not a short distance from start to finish.

2.       Contact

Eros is the Greek term illustrating a physical aspect of love. Love involves a real and meaningful physical connection. In the context of marriage this involves respectful and agreed intimacy. In some sense words are powerful tools of “touch”. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches verbal assurance as a powerful tool of contact.

3.       Connection

Love is a special connection with another. Storge is a Greek word that defines love as trusting and a place of safety. Lovers are able to keep secrets. Trust is very important in the love relationship. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches love requires acceptance as a huge foundation of this aspect of your decision to love.

4.       Compassion

Love is tenderly compassionate and gives of itself. Love may be 50/50 but the seasons of love may cause one to produce a 90/10 or 99/1 and every other equation imagination. The contractual partnerships of monogamous living is not love- that’s a contract. The Greek word Phileo speaks of one giving in response to what has been given or with the understanding of future reciprocation.

5.       Commitment

This is the love of Christ. Men make commitments which they simply can not keep, yet God allows us to keep the commitment of love. Agape is a Greek word that speaks of unconditional commitment. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches love is a commitment.

The previous four terms are human loves, while this final fifth pillar is the spiritual aspect of love. We as humans need and desire all aspects of love.  We often find friends and family whom offer one or more of these love aspects and that is great. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches that the marriage relationship is the most unique of all.  Biblically, it is this relationship wherein one person makes a decision to give to another all aspects of love in one place – their heart.