10 Love Attitudes

Young man giving piggyback to woman

Pastor Sabra Johnson offers love coaching to couples as well as singles looking for love. Pastor Sabra Johnson teaches on the 10 Love Attitudes. The 10 Love Attitudes can help strengthen an existing relationship and help individuals prepare themselves for relational success. Pastor Sabra Johnson explains each of the 10 Love Attitudes in greater depth during his love coaching sessions and materials.  Pastor Sabra Johnson explains love as 5 pillars to help you make a practical commitment to love and to model the true spirit of love. The fact is that love is a very complex and vast truth revealed to us in shades and shadows of its full greatness. Pastor Sabra Johnson explains love as a prism. God has revealed to us ten pathways of your decision to love, and these truths are revealed in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.  Pastor Sabra Johnson explains these truths in the 10 Love Attitudes.

1. Honesty

2. Humility

3. Objectivity

4. Gratitude

5. Caring

6. Responsibility

7. Open-mindedness

8. Willingness

9. Patience

10. Forgiveness

While each of the 10 Love Attitudes can be defined in practical terms, Pastor Sabra Johnson works on a personal level to teach these love attitudes from a spiritual perspective. The 10 Love Attitudes by Pastor Sabra Johnson will change your life! Call 281-970-9090 today!